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Chicago 9 Rhythm & Blues Band 

Thank you Bryan Stan for this review 18/04/2022

 Chicago 9 is probably one of the best Rhythm and Blues bands in the South of England. 

The lead guitarist is, without a doubt, unique and addicting to watch. His control and arrangement throughout each gig is inspiring.    The bass player is solid and unwavering with his fantastic and mellow walks up and down the fretboard.
The drummer complements the bassist without fault, and then there are the keyboards and saxophonists then expertly round up the musical masterpiece. They spontaneously groove each song along so well. Finally, there is the lead singer, whose melting tones make each piece her own. If you have never heard this band, I urge you to watch them live and see the crowd dance the night away. If your looking to book a band, then these guys should be on your list as they come with a following to fill your event. 

This band is a 10/10

 Boarhunt Blues Club - Home of the Blues since 1985

21 December 2019 at 10:00 ·

Hello everyone..

Such talent last evening !! Chicago 9 stepping in for Pete Harris.

Thank you so very much for joining us and helping us raise a grand total of £1,000 !!! for charity.

We will be let you all know the break down of donations soon.

BOARHUNT BLUES CLUB (First gig with the full new line up) 

Boarhunt Blues Club - Home of the Blues since 1985

Dear All,

Just to say again a BIG thank you for your continued support to enable us to keep our unique Live Blues Club going.

We say this so often but the club would not exist without you all.

The club has donated £500 to our local Rowans Hospice and a further £500 to the Countess Mountbatten Hospice as a result of our December gig with Chicago 9 .Wonderful!!....

Chicago 9 hit the tracks running and steaming!

Well done a great night and amazing first gig for the new format. We really enjoyed it with the blues classics and swing, and it all seemed to be knitting together nicely with the original rhythm section setting the pace, the original lead guitar and additions of Keys, Sax and new vocals. Band to see for sure!...Greg Rowe

Paul lamb & The Kingsnakes support gig at The Brook Southampton April 2019