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Chicago 9 Rhythm & Blues Band 

Band History ( Well what we can remember)

It was sometime in 2001/2002 that two old friends Melvyn Lockyer & Simon Knight who had previously worked together in the Southampton based Blues Band "Red House" decided to try a put another band together.. They placed an advert in Southampton's Evening Echo asking for a vocalist,guitarist,drummer, harmonica player etc. 

The man who answered the advert was Mark Nolan who had recently moved to the area, Mark turned up at Curdridge Reading Rooms with a beat up old acoustic guitar set up for slide & a telecaster, he explained he had not sung in public before but was prepared to give it a go. After the first note Mark played it was clear that he was an accomplished blues player.

A few days later we where by called by a number of drummers. One name was very familiar to Melvyn and that was Chris D'Ambrosio an experienced drummer who had been in a local band "Terrayne" with Melv's brother in law Pete Baker. The job was his.

Simon,Mark,Melv & Chris started rehearsing regularly . It was then that Simon realised that due to his commitments that he could not fully commit himself to the band. Another advert was placed. TBC

Mark "Pork Chop"Nolan

Founder Member,Lead guitarist,Vocalist & main songsmith 2002-2010

 Mark had eight years with the band ,many gigs & main songwriter of C9's first album "Garden Shed to Grindelwald" including 10 original songs.